This is an exclusively multi-player game.

Different characters can jump different numbers of times in mid air. From 3 to 10.

You can destroy blue blocks with your gun.

Shooting enemies does 3 damage to them, and knocks them around more the more damage they have taken.

Alternate shots have many interesting effects. More to come to make it ACTUALLY many.

Black blocks are indestructible.

Touching the lava floor results in death.

Touching the death boxes above and to the sides of the arena results in death.

Restart after someone has died with select or R.

Fullscreen is highly Recommended.

Keyboard Controls:

WASD movement, or IUKO movement for left hand players

Mouse to aim

Left click to fire

Right click to use your special shot

Space to jump

Escape to Quit

Controller Controls:

Left joystick movement

Right joystick to aim

R1 to fire (or X i think)

R2 to use your special shot (or B I think)

A to jump

Start to Quit

More to come.

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